Pre K

Inciting Wonder with a First Look at God, the Scriptures, People Around Us, and Salvation

How We Teach

Make it Fun.

A movement activity that uses a preschooler's natural desires to move to help them learn and grow, and is designed to introduce vocabulary and concepts needed for the Bible story.

Make It True.

Time to hear a Bible stiry, straight from scripture, told in language on their level.

Make It Stick.

An activity that is designed to help to reinforce the Bible story, bottom line, and memory verse.

Make It Real

A time for preschoolers to gather with their small group, apply the lesson, and pray together.

What Will They Learn?

We teach your babies, toddlers and preschoolers about Jesus on their level in a fun, loving environment. Before they head off to Kindergarten, we make sure they know these Three Basic Truths...

God MADE Me.

God Loves Me.

Jesus Wants to be My Friend Forever!



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