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5 Great Ways to Spread Christmas Cheer

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This Christmas you can share God's love in some very real a practical ways.  Here are some ideas:

  1. House Decorating - Is there a single mom, elderly couple, or a busy family in your neighborhood that you can help out?  Grab a small group or a some friends and get the supplies necessary to deck the halls for someone else this year!  Maybe buy a real Christmas tree for a family that can't afford it.  You know that newlywed couple that sits in the back?  Get 'em some mistletoe!
  2. Candy Canes - Do a candy drop at some area businesses or have some handy for the kids when they stop by.  Candy canes are a great way to share about the love of Jesus!
  3. Walmart Survival Bags - Brooke (she's in my small group) shared this idea with me.  How's about making some goody bags for parents as they get their kids ready to fight the crowds at Walmart (or any big box store).  Fill the bag up with activity books, stickers, toys, candy, whatever gets kids attention.  That way parents can focus on getting in and getting out while the kids have some fun distractions to keep them busy.
  4. Free Christmas Wrapping - Grab a small group and volunteer at a store in the area to help with their Christmas Wrapping.  Crosspoint does this every year!
  5. Christmas Caroling - It's NOT a dead art.  You'd be surprised at how welcoming the reactions are when you stop at a neighbor's house with a small group and share some Christmas carols with them.  Share God's love with someone by SINGING about God's ultimate act of love... His son Jesus.

'Tis the Season to show some love to your neighbors and friends, reach out to the left out and unwanted, to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to a world that needs it.