Isn’t parenting Wonder-full? And also a little…exhausting, exhilarating, messy, lovely, overwhelming, amazing? You have to agree that parenting can certainly be full of wonder. Also, it can leave you wondering some things you’ve never wondered before. But even beyond all of the everyday questions, and the big picture decisions, we have to be intentional to help lay a foundation of faith in our homes for our children to grow from.

Our Baby Dedication Celebration is a day for parents to make public their intention to strive to lead their child towards their very own personal relationship with Jesus Christ, by committing to raising their newest little one in a loving, God-centered home. It is also a day for the church to declare their commitment to support and partner alongside of families throughout their journey. Baby Dedication is held twice a year, in the spring and fall, and is open to children newborn to 36 months old.

Our next Baby D is scheduled for SATURDAY, December 5, at 10am.

Space is limited; CLICK HERE to register your little one today!