Life is HARD and we are not meant to do it alone!

We all have our own “bubble.” Our family, our close friends, our co-workers. Those that we feel safe and comfortable being around no matter how scary or uncertain things get. We want you to take advantage of the bubble God has blessed you with and use it to grow your faith and the faith of those you love.




What is a Bubble Group?

At Crosspoint, we believe that we were created for community and designed to “Do life together.” That is why we love Small Groups. However, we also understand that 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic have changed things. Many are understandably uncomfortable being in groups of strangers or people they don’t know well. We get it. But we also believe that the need for Christ-centered community may be more important now than ever. Simply put, WE NEED PEOPLE. Therefore, we are making a concerted effort to define another type of Small Group experience called Bubble Groups.

  • Organization

    • Groups consist of 2-10 individuals

    • Members are invited personally by the group organizer

    • We encourage a 10 meeting MINIMUM (Meetings could be weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. Just be intentional about putting meetings on the calendar and sticking to them.)

  • Growing with God

    • Less structured group material: Group members simply spend time in Scripture throughout the week (and use supplemental materials if desired). Then meetings are guided by asking questions such as…
      • What have you been reading?
      • What has God been showing you?
      • What questions do you have?
      • What’s going on in your life right now?
      • What are you struggling with?
      • Can you help me with _______?


    • Focus on taking personal responsibility for spiritual growth rather than going to a Small Group simply “to be fed”
      • Emphasis mostly on reading God’s Word itself rather than primarily relying on preaching about God’s Word.
      • Using other resources available (apps, podcasts, books, websites, etc.) to supplement the reading of the Bible to help better understand it, but never as a substitute for actually reading the Bible itself.
      • To become active learners and discoverers of God’s Word and God’s will rather than merely being consumers



    • Worshipping together
      • Share songs that ignite your passion to worship God for Who He is and what He has done


    • Praying together as a Group
      • Pray with each other at meetings and for each other throughout the week


    • Each member using their unique gifts and insights from God to benefit and encourage the entire Group.
  • Growing with Each Other

    • “Doing life together”
      • Doing FUN activities together (parks, games, walks, recreational activities, hobbies, etc.)
      • Meeting at places other than just a home (coffee shop, park, beach, restaurants, etc.)
      • Sharing meals together regularly


    • Authentic relationships
      • Ability to push and challenge each other to be more like Christ
      • Granting permission to ask tough questions and hold each other accountable
      • Question what each member believes and why
      • Openness, transparency, and confidentiality


    • Regular communication as a Small Group
      • Mid-week communication is encouraged
      • Phone calls, meaningful texts, and in-person visits are much more manageable with a smaller group size.
      • Individual accountability is easier to maintain within your “bubble”
  • Serving Together

    • Serving others as a group
      • Praying with and for others that your group comes in contact with
      • Serving together on Sundays at church
      • Evangelism and church invite opportunities (Water bottle handouts, donut drops, mask & sanitizer handouts, etc.)
      • Physically helping meet the needs of someone your group sees/knows
      • Financially helping meet the needs of someone your group sees/knows

So how about it? Are you ready to start your Bubble Group and start growing into the person and the purpose God has for you?


Contact TJ Butler at if you have any questions or need any help with your Bubble Group.

* If you are already in a Bubble Group or plan to start one, please share some pictures on social media using #CrosspointBubbleGroup.

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