Join us as we show our neighbors that even in uncertain times, there is a God who loves them! Choose one of our easy, SAFE, practical ways to show God’s love, or come up with your own!

Be sure to take pics and post them using #ForHernando so we can flood our feeds with the love of Jesus!



Far too often, Christians are known for what they are against. Our mission is to work together to show them what we are for.

We are for loving people and serving them.

We are for reaching people right where they are.

We are for showing them that they matter to us because they matter to God.

The “Why” behind the “What”

This is a movement that transcends just one church and can transform our community. The idea is to highlight the community and how we can serve them. A neighbor minded church or group of churches allows people to recognize the Church outside of it’s 4 walls and feel like they belong even before they believe. We create common ground by meeting people where they’re at–Meeting their real physical and emotional needs instead of creating dividing lines. Something powerful begins to happen when the lost in a community who aren’t for the

Church learn that the Church is still FOR THEM.

Imagine what Hernando county would look like if thousands of ordinary people from different churches came together to spread the love of Jesus with a force that none of us could bring on our own. We encourage you to get on board as we impact our community and show them that

WE ARE #ForHernando.


FAQ: Why no church branding or mention of Jesus in the hashtag?

Make no mistake, the goal of anything we do is to lead lost people into a real, personal relationship with Christ and to give Him the glory in everything. Our desire is to be able to approach people without them feeling defensive or that there are strings attached if they accept our help/kindness. The longer we do this and the bigger the movement becomes, it will be obvious to people what this is all about. We are NOT ashamed of Who we represent and who we are. By simply calling it #ForHernando, we believe there is a possibility of impacting people who would otherwise reject us before we even had a chance to love on them. We believe that the interest from people when all they see is #ForHernando, will create a buzz and draw even more attention. They will want to feed their curiosity to find out what it means.



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