Facility Use Requests

Interested in Renting Our Facility for an Event?

Crosspoint has many spaces available for community events. For more information on policies, please see below.

The first step in rental process is to complete the Facility Rental Request Form.

Facility Use and Rental Policy

Statement of Policy

All uses of the facility of Crosspoint Church, henceforth referred to as Crosspoint, must not be in conflict with any beliefs and/or purposes of the church. No use of any ministry facilities will be granted to persons or groups holding, advancing, or advocating beliefs or practices that conflict with the ministry’s Beliefs Statement. Persons or groups who enter into a written agreement to use the facilities of Crosspoint must acknowledge and affirm their understanding of the Beliefs Statement found here. 

General Liability Insurance Requirement

All non-Crosspoint groups with an expectancy of over 50 guests, or engaging in an activity which is deemed to increase risk as solely determined by Crosspoint, or for any other reason as reasonably determined by Crosspoint, with approval to use the facilities of Crosspoint is required to carry General Liability Insurance of at least $1,000,000 in which Crosspoint Church is listed as additional insured. You must provide the church office with a Certificate of Insurance prior to the event date. Doors will not be opened if the office does not receive a signed Release and Indemnity Agreement and the Certificate of Insurance in advance.

Reserving the Facility

The facility is available on a first come, first served basis and only when the ministries of Crosspoint are not using them. In order to reserve any part of the facility, you must completely fill out the Request for Facility Use Form which can be found above. 

Reservations must be made at a minimum of 30 days in advance.

Food and Beverage

Food and drink items may be catered through an outside vendor. Outside vendors must be licensed, insured, and approved through the office staff at least five (5) days prior to the event. Neither alcohol or smoking or vaping are permitted on the premises of Crosspoint which includes the parking area.

Set Up and Cleaning

Chairs and tables may be provided and a diagram for set up must be submitted at least two weeks in advance. Otherwise, set up should be done by the party/organization during the rental time. Anything that is moved from its original position must be returned prior to leaving. This includes, but is not limited to; returning all furnishings to their original positions, removing all decorations and vacuuming/sweeping the facility after your event. 


Any advertisement you run for your event may include the church name (Crosspoint Church) and our physical address at – 2440 Anderson Snow Rd, Spring Hill, FL 34609.

Additional Information
  • No deliveries will be accepted by Crosspoint staff for an event. Users must bring all items with them at the time of set up. 
  • Crosspoint reserves the right to disallow access to the building to any user or vendor who has violated these guidelines. 
  • Visitor safety and access to public areas must be maintained during set up periods. 
  • Crosspoint reserves the right to cancel any event due to unforeseen circumstances. If Crosspoint cancels your event, you will be refunded any and all fees paid. You may then rebook another date with a 50% discount on the facility rental fee. 
  • Users should only access the parts of the facility that they received permission to access. Other parts of the facility should be considered off-limits. 
  • Events consisting of over 250 attendees require a crowd manager, per the county fire regulations. 
  • Events will require an off-duty deputy who will be paid by party/organization at the rate of $30 per hour with a three-hour minimum. Contact Hernando County Sheriff’s Office to schedule the off-duty detail. The deputies required are as follows:
    • 50-200 attending event – 1 off duty deputy
    • 201-500 attending event – 2 off duty deputies
    • 501-1000 attending event – 3 off duty deputies
    • 1001-1500 attending event – 4 off duty deputies
    • 1501-2000 attending event – 5 off duty deputies 


  • Party/Organizations who do not adhere to the contractual agreement may have their agreements cancelled without notice. 

Fee Schedule

Main Auditorium
  • $600 for first two hours
  • $150 per each additional hour
  • Seats 1,000 conference style
  • Seating space for 500 banquet style (user will need to provide additional tables and chairs – Crosspoint will only provide banquet style seating and table space for 192 guests). 
  • $400 for first two hours
  • $100 per each additional hour
  • Seats up to 160 banquet style plus additional display/service space. 
NextGen Auditorium
  • $300 for first two hours
  • $75 per each additional hour
  • Seats 120 conference style with stage
  • Seats 200 conference style without stage (additional fee for removing/resetting stage)
  • 150 banquet style
Exterior Facing Classroom with Building Front/Patio/Lobby Access
  • $150 for first two hours
  • $50 per each additional hour
  • Seats up to 50 meeting style 
Interior Classroom
  • $75 for first two hour
  • $25 per each additional hour
  • Multiple options: largest classroom seats up to 50 meeting style 
Outdoor Grass Venue
  • $250 for first two hours (with indoor bathroom access)
    • $75 per each additional hour
  • $150 for first two hours (without indoor bathroom access)
    • $50 per each additional hour
  • 20,000 square foot open grass space
Audio/Video/Lightning Engineer
  • $50 each hour, two-hour minimum
Cleaning and Reset Fees
  • Auditorium
    • $250 conference-style
    • $550 banquet style (chair reset fee)
  • NextGen Auditorium
    • $100 (stage reset additional, if applicable)
  • Classrooms
    • $50 per classroom
  • Lobby
    • $200
Member Discount

Active members of Crosspoint (those who have taken the Discovery Class and are serving and attending regularly) will receive a 20% discount off their rental fee.

There will be no discount for the personnel or cleaning fees.